How To Get Rid Of Female Bum Hair Easily And Permanently?
10.19.2021 | MissPeachy | news

The hairs on your legs? You shave them. The hairs on the arms? You bleach them. But what about the hairs on your ass that have been making you bristle since you first noticed them? Before arming yourself with your razor or hair removal cream, read on. We will give you the best solutions to eliminate them.

Why do I have so much hair on my bum?

First, let's get it straight: a woman having a hairy ass is completely normal! All the girls without exception have them. Why? Because hair growth is a genetic phenomenon due to a hormonal variation at puberty or during a woman's life (when taking a contraceptive pill, for example). Most girls tend to have vellus hair on the bum cheek but darker, terminal hair closer to the anus.

Alas no luck, do you have so much dark and thick hair on your buttocks? Before getting depressed, knowing why butt hair exists and whether it's safe to remove butt hair is important.

Note: If excess hair appears suddenly and grows rapidly on your butt or face, it is often caused by Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), related to a serious hormonal disorder. In this situation, you should see a doctor promptly for further diagnostic testing and treatment. You can also read this article to diagnose whether if you have PCOS and learn how to remove PCOS facial hair. 

Does butt hair serve any purpose?

Yes, the butt hair certainly has an evolutionary function, otherwise, it would not exist. In the past and still today, they serve as protection against cold and heat, which act as a kind of "air conditioning". Apart from this, every hair is a highly sensitive sensor. According to haptics researcher, Martin Grundwald from the Paul Flechsig Institute for Brain Research at the University of Leipzig, a small muscle is also attached to each hair follicle. If it contracts, the hair stands up straight. This happens, for example, when it's cold and we get goosebumps. "Without hair, we even perceive touch much less intensely. The comforting feeling can no longer be distributed and intensified through the hair," Grunwald explains.

Is it safe to get rid of bum hair? The answer is positive. Thanks to our improved personal hygiene and the wearing of clothes, bum hair has largely lost its role today. So there is basically nothing against an intimate shave. For many women, shaving their butt hair is now a natural part of daily care as showering and washing hair.

How to get rid of female bum hair temporarily?

Hair removal on the buttocks can be done in different ways. If you want a quick job without too much fuss, here are 3 quick but temporary methods to resolve woman hairy ass:

Wax: Easy but very temporary

Waxing is the most popular solution because it is quick and gives long-lasting results. During waxing, the hairs are not only cut off but also removed from the skin along with their roots. As a result, the buttock hair grows soft and only grows back 3 weeks later. However, this method can be painful. In addition, hair is often leftover when waxing, so the procedure has to be repeated. This happens particularly often with butt hair because of the poor visibility and accessibility. That is why it is usually better to have a professional do the waxing.

Steps to wax your bum cheek:

● Choose the right type of skin wax and buy it from the designated places.

● Clean the buttocks area well and get rid of dead skin using skin scrubs. In addition, cleaning the area before you start waxing is very important to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the pores of the skin. skin.

● Set the wax temperature appropriate for the skin, so that the wax is neither too cold nor too hot. Cold wax cannot remove hair well, and too hot wax causes skin burns.

● Put a layer of wax in the same direction as the hair growth, pull it in the opposite direction and repeat the process to get rid of all the hair.

● Remove wax residue from the skin, then wash the area and moisturize it with olive oil or baby oil, and use any cream to relieve skin irritation.

Wet shave: Fast but not very accurate

The shaving method is one of the most common hair removal methods, and it is a quick and easy method. If you opt for the manual or electric razor, you have to be flexible enough to twist your body. The downside is the regrowth that will be fast with coarse hair, in general, 1 to 3 days. No matter how careful you may be, there is a risk of cuts are bound to happen in this area. Cuts close to the anal can be very painful and become infected. Shaving can also lead to irritation, tenderness, itchy rashes, razor burn, ingrown hairs.

How to shave butt hair:

● Bring a high-quality razor, which can easily move around the curves of the skin, and use a new blade.

● Apply shaving foam or shaving lotion to your buttock so as not to irritate the skin.

● Run the razor over the hair to be shaved and a hand mirror can be used to get a better view of the area.

● Wash the area well with water, then dry it.

● Apply a gentle skin moisturizer to the area to reduce irritation.

Hair removal cream: pain-free but sensitive

The use of depilatory cream is cheaper and painless hair removal above all. Depilatory creams can only last around 2 to 3 days. However, the skin of the genital area is very sensitive and can react strongly to the treatment. The possible consequences are redness and inflammation. This happens particularly quickly when depilatory cream or gel comes into direct contact with the anal area.

How to use depilatory cream on your bum?

● Apply a thin layer of cream to the skin, making sure to test it on a small area first to make sure it does not cause Allergy irritation.

● Wait until the time specified by the manufacturer has elapsed.

● Slide the tool to remove the layer of cream, which is also supposed to remove the hair.

● Wash the area with water and dry it well.

How to remove bum hair permanently?

The permanent hair removal of the hair on the ass is therefore inevitable in extreme cases. Because the buttocks are not easy to reach in the shower or bathtub and can only be seen with mirror tricks, permanent hair removal by professionals or by yourself is ideal for this part of the body.

Laser hair removal: long-lasting but expensive

Laser hair removal is based on removing hair from the root. Unlike waxing or electric hair removal, it is the hair follicle that is destroyed with a laser beam. The laser wavelength attacks exclusively the hair bulbs, without damaging any other structure of the skin. It is melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color, which, by absorbing the light produced by the laser, heats up to over 60 °C and damages the hair follicle. Once the hair follicle is destroyed, hair regrowth is almost impossible, resulting in a definitive result. You will require several sessions until the hairs disappear completely. In most cases, 6-8 sessions are needed to achieve approximately 80% to 95% clearance.

It's challenging to treat dark skin and finer hair since the laser only targets the pigments. The laser hair removal method can cause pain, skin irritation, simple sores, and swelling. It is best if the process is done by a professional or dermatologist, so the price can be very expensive compared to other hair removal methods. How much does laser hair removal cost? In the United States, the laser treatment can cost you between $350-$400 per session. 

IPL hair removal devices: long-term and available for home

When it comes to the buttocks, many people feel hesitant about going to the salon and clinic. Do you feel so awkward getting your bum and private parts checked by a dermatologist? If yes, IPL hair removal devices would be a good option to get rid of unwanted bum hair from the comfort of your home. They generate broadband flashes of light that heat the hair and its surroundings. The hair roots in the skin become deserted by the heat. With each treatment, the hair becomes thinner and eventually falls out completely. New ones do not grow back.

You can choose a high-qualified IPL hair removal machine like MissPeachy. It only costs $199 but you can enjoy unlimited flashes for ten years. As it meets the wavelength standard of FDA for home laser hair removal, MissPeachy IPL laser hair removal handset can be safely applied on sensitive areas such as the buttocks and anal. Equipped with high fluence, this IPL device is supposed to show a noticeable hair reduction in just 4 weeks and remove around 95 percent of the hairs with only 6 to 8 sessions.

IPL is a similar laser treatment, so it is not suitable for dark skin. In addition, you will experience redness and swelling that appear shortly after the IPL treatment, but these subside quickly and leave no scars. Besides, the light pulses do not penetrate as deeply as with the professional laser. Therefore, this DIY laser treatment has to be repeated every two to three weeks.

Electrolysis: permanent but time and money consuming

A permanent method of removing buttocks hair is electrolysis. The treatment is performed by a dermatologist and it will get rid of any hair color on any skin type. And this is how electrolysis works: A current pulse is sent through the finest needles that penetrate to the roots of the individual hairs, which completely destroys the hair follicles. The existing hair is then removed with tweezers, new hairs no longer grow back. 

Swelling, redness, and small crusts after electrolysis are normal. The treatment is unfortunately very expensive and time-consuming. For treatment, you have to reckon with a price between 200 and 400 US dollars. Usually, you will require 10-12 sessions. That means you need to pay $2000-$4800 to completely get rid of your bum hair.


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